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“I hired Dan when I was Operations Director of a financially distressed nonprofit organization in 2004. The books were in shambles and the agency was operating blindly without accurate financial information or forecasts. A series of bookkeepers threw up their hands at the daunting task of organizing the books, adding to the confused mess. Within weeks after coming on board, Dan had made sense of the accounts, revenue and bills, and had created an organized and efficient system of accounting that all board and staff members could understand and utilize effectively. He regularly produced accurate, reliable and informative reports that provided the basis for sound financial decisions from the board and agency leadership. For the first time, auditors and CPA firms reported that the accounting was done so professionally that their jobs were made easier for tax filings and audit reports, significantly reducing agency costs. Importantly, Dan conducted all this work in a fraction of the time that other bookkeepers had done, providing another tangible cost value to the organization. His down-to-earth, approachable and congenial manner made him a cherished team member and he consistently provided sound, insightful advice to the leadership team about general nonprofit management and fiscal policies. He remained a trusted leader of this agency for 11 years, and today the organization continues to prosper today under Dan's effective fiscal management.


In 2013, I became Executive Director of another nonprofit agency in need of Dan's skills. We were lucky to find he had available time to contract with us to do regular accounting and financial management. Again, he quickly established an effective fiscal management system that has enormously improved the agency's overall financial health, accountability, accuracy and transparency. His professionalism, knowledge and skill make him indispensable to the agency, and we affectionately refer to him as the accounting Knight In Shining Armor (KISA). You will, too!”


Janet Shown, MSW

Executive Director

PeaceWorks, Inc.




“It is my privilege to provide an enthusiastic recommendation for Mr. Dan Kucera.


We hired Dan / Clear Results in 2006.  At that time, our bookkeeping system was an utter mess: notebook paper and envelopes were being used instead of an electronic system.  Dan worked tirelessly to create and update a user-friendly system for us.  His willingness to help us and teach us went far beyond the standard concept of bookkeeping.


In the last 9 years, Dan’s duties have included accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank and credit card reconciliation, providing KPI information as well as frequently assisting with our computer network.  Among the most challenging tasks at which he excels each year are preparing our ‘books’ and coordinating tax-related activities with our accountant.  Dan works hard and has performed his duties diligently, conscientiously and with complete honesty and integrity. I am extremely satisfied with his work and regularly delegate financial matters to him with complete confidence.


I am confident in recommending Dan to other local companies who need part-time financial assistance from a trained and dedicated professional.  Please contact me at any time if you require more information about Dan’s work with us.”


Jake T Johnson

General Manager / Founder

Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney, Inc


“I am happy to give potential employers a very strong recommendation for Mr Dan Kucera. I started up our US subsidiary, Bede Scientific Incorporated, in 1996 and was its President until I returned to the UK in 2003. Once the business was established, thought it was then small, I hired Dan as an outsourced financial manager. His duties grew with the business until eventually he became full-time administrator and financial manager. Ours is a high-tech company with many blue-chip customers and several PhDs on the staff. Dan’s duties included book-keeping, accounts payable and receivable and managerial accounts and financial control throughout this period. After going full time he added general adminstration, personnel management and network responsibility to these. He works hard and performed all his duties diligently, conscientiously and with complete honesty and integrity. I was always extremely satisfied with his work and could delegate financial matters to him with complete confidence. With us, he had experience of starting with a company of less than $1m sales and four employees, to one with about $10m sales and sixteen staff spread around the USA. Now that he has returned to self-employment and is building up his outsourcing work again, I can recommend him to companies who need part-time financial assistance with total confidence. While working for you he will appear in all respects to be your employee, but without the overhead and long-term commitment, and will be an invaluable member of your team.”


Dr D Keith Bowen

Chairman, Bede Scientific Incorporated, Englewood, CO

Group Director of Technology, Bede plc, UK

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